Which one is Madonna?

Plastic bags are no longer allowed in most of New York City.

But Madonna is still the Queen of Plastic, and she’s still making it her business to make sure her customers don’t waste their plastic bags.

Madonna has been the focus of several legal battles, including one filed last month in Manhattan Supreme Court that could force her to pay $2 million to a woman who claims she was cheated out of plastic bags she was supposed to receive.

The lawsuit, filed in May, is the latest in a long string of litigation over plastic bags, which are banned in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, where Madonna has her own retail operations.

In New York state, a judge has recently ruled that plastic bags can be used for up to 10 days, but the city’s Department of Consumer Protection recently stopped enforcing that rule.

Now, the city is asking a judge to reconsider.

According to court documents, the department recently received a complaint about a woman, whom the department identified as “Jane Doe,” who was claiming that the bags were supposed to contain her cosmetics, cosmetics that she didn’t receive.

Jane Doe also alleged that when she tried to retrieve the bags, they were taken to the NYPD headquarters.

According the complaint, Jane Doe’s bags were later found in a police station, along with the NYPD logo.

The department has since opened a criminal investigation into Jane Doe, and has issued an order that the NYPD must provide her with the materials and the materials she claimed were inside her bags.

The NYPD has denied that they took the bags.

A spokesperson for the department told The Lad that the city does not have a “legal obligation” to comply with the law regarding plastic bags: The NYPD is a public safety organization.

We do not have any legal obligation to follow the law.

They said that they were not aware of any plastic bag litigation in New Zealand, which was ruled to be illegal in New Jersey, where the bags are banned.

“We have no legal obligation in New Yorkers,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that it is not illegal to keep plastic bags out of a public place.