Which NFL teams are the most dangerous to each other?

Posted May 03, 2019 08:53:56 The NFL is the ultimate testing ground for player safety, but its not all fun and games when the games are held in arenas filled with fans and media.

The league is known for its competitive nature, but it also has its fair share of bad apples.

Here are 10 players who have been found to be too violent or reckless in the league.1.

Brandon Weeden, Iowa State University2.

Michael Bennett, BYU3.

Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss4.

Robert Ayers, Alabama5.

J.J. Watt, Wisconsin6.

David Johnson, Baylor7.


J Houshmandzadeh, Penn State8.

Brian Dawkins, Stanford9.

Brandon Graham, Florida State10.

Tyreek Hill, Georgia State