When you want a plastic outdoor rug, you can buy one in Australia

The Australian government has released a new plastic outdoor rental market where Australians can rent out plastic outdoor furniture for up to $1,500 per month.

The initiative is part of a broader crackdown on “fake” plastic products, with the government promising to crack down on the sale of the products.

The government has also announced a crackdown on plastic furniture being marketed as “bundles of care” or “mixed-use” furniture.

The new program was announced by Tourism Minister David Parker in Parliament on Thursday.

“This is about a new approach to managing the global environment,” Mr Parker said.

Plastic furniture Australia’s new plastic rental market has been unveiled by Tourism and Innovation Minister David Parks. “

There is an emerging market for this, and the Australian Government is working with a number of global partners to ensure that they’re working together to address the misuse and waste.”

Plastic furniture Australia’s new plastic rental market has been unveiled by Tourism and Innovation Minister David Parks.

The policy announcement follows an announcement last week by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it was cracking down on “fakes” of plastic furniture.

“Consumers are getting a little bit worried about what’s being advertised in the marketplace,” Mr Parks said.

“There’s a new focus on the marketing of plastic and that’s an area we’ll be working closely with.”

A new plastic furniture market for Australians The government will also be working with industry to develop a national program that will target plastic furniture, according to the announcement.

The scheme will provide the “best-in-class” quality and service to consumers, with an emphasis on “maintaining environmental sustainability”, and the ability to purchase items for a reasonable cost.

The move comes amid increasing concerns over the misuse, waste and environmental impact of plastic.

A survey conducted by the University of Sydney last year found that more than 60 per cent of Australians believed plastic was contributing to global warming, and nearly half said they would spend up to two hours a week using plastic.

The Government said the new scheme would help to address those concerns.

Mr Parks also announced that a new $25 million pilot scheme would provide the best value for money for Australian families, with a goal to reduce plastic waste by up to 75 per cent.

The pilot will see new “mixtures of home-made and natural materials” offered to consumers in homes with low incomes, and will be expanded to households with higher incomes.