When Walmart’s Plastic Pool Was Not Enough

When Walmart announced plans to install plastic pools at its retail stores, a company spokeswoman explained the pool was “designed to meet the needs of children, pregnant women, and others with medical conditions.”

But the pools don’t seem to have done the trick, and parents are calling on Walmart to do better. 

The problem is that Walmart has a habit of designing pools that don’t meet the health needs of its customers.

When the company was first rolling out its pool in 2009, it told us that it had no plans to expand it beyond Walmart stores.

When we asked about it in October of this year, Walmart told us it had “received reports” of “tens of thousands of complaints” from people who “have complained that the plastic pool is not working.”

Walmart responded to those complaints in October by saying that it would continue to investigate and “take appropriate action if necessary.” 

However, in the same article, Walmart also told us, “The pools that we offer are designed to meet needs of our customers and will not be expanded.”

The pool at Walmart stores has never been the source of complaints. 

In fact, Walmart itself has made it clear that it does not intend to expand its pool pool.

A spokesperson told us: “We have received reports that our pool is failing to meet children’s needs, and we are investigating the issue.

Our pool pool has not been the cause of any complaints.”

And the spokesperson also said, “We are aware of reports that have been made about the pool at a Walmart location.”

Walmart has also stated that “as of now, the water quality is very good and the pool is designed to work for children, as well as pregnant women and families with medical needs.” 

So what’s going on here?

Walmart’s own testing has shown that the pool isn’t working.

The pool has never tested positive for contaminants.

So what is causing the pool to fail?

Walmart does have an internal policy that says that when there is a “medical or developmental need” to use a pool, it will install a “pool liner” that allows people to use it to wash their hands.

That’s the “spray pad” that the Walmart spokesperson mentioned.

Walmart’s pools are also designed to be safe for people to swim in, so the water has a pH of 4.5 or above.

The water is also designed for children to use and to swim.

But in addition to the lack of a spray pad, Walmart’s pool pool isn.

The spokesperson also noted that the water that the company is installing is “designed for children.”

But what about the pools at Walmart that are “designed” for children?

Walmart says that it is not currently using the spray pad in its pools.

But that’s not entirely true.

The company says that “spraying is only part of the pool.”

Walmart’s policy says that if there is “a medical or developmental problem” that requires the use of a pool liner, then “the pool can be used by a child with a developmental disability, a nursing home resident, or an individual with a physical disability.”

That doesn’t mean that the children in the pool are actually being protected by the spray pads.

There is a difference between a medical condition and a developmental one.

And Walmart’s rules don’t tell the whole story.

The policy doesn’t say that the spray-on pool liner has to be made by Walmart.

The rules state that it can be made at Walmart, Walmart can make it, and Walmart can sell it.

But Walmart’s rule is that if the spray has to go to someone else, Walmart “must be a member of the spray program” and “must make and install the spray product in a pool.”

That means that Walmart doesn’t have to have a spray program in the first place. 

And that leaves the question of whether Walmart has been using the same spray pads in its pool pools.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the spray is designed for use at Walmart.

But the company does not have a pool-wide policy.

So, why do Walmart pools have a problem?

And why aren’t there more complaints?

Walmart has said that it has “received numerous reports” about the spray pool at its stores.

The problem with those reports is that they don’t give any information about how the pools were built.

Walmart told the Daily Beast that “we are working with the manufacturer to improve our pool technology.” 

The issue is that the manufacturer is not Walmart.

In a February letter to parents, Walmart said, “We take our product safety seriously and are actively looking for ways to improve and expand our pool and spray pool program in our stores.”

But that doesn’t answer why Walmart didn’t design its pools with a spray-pad in mind.

Another company, Aquacom, says that Walmart’s spray pool has a spray mat that “was specifically designed for its products.”

But according to Aquacoms own website, the product was