When Plastic Memories is Born

Plastic memory storage is a new and innovative technology. 

Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a new, highly effective plastic memory product, called Bamboo, that is designed to store memories in the form of ceramic plastic containers, and can be used to store information in any size container. 

“Bamboo” is a product designed to be both reusable and durable. 

The team has already developed a prototype of the product, which can be reused in a variety of storage systems, including glass jars and plastic masonry jars. 

Bamboo is also able to store up to 8,000 memories, and it can be easily assembled into new products that can be sold to customers. 

This is great news for people who would like to preserve or organize their memories, but would prefer not to reuse plastic containers. 

These containers are the perfect solution for keeping those memories, or any memories, in a safer, more permanent environment. 

When you buy a plastic container that you want to preserve in a glass jar, it’s like having a second storage space in your home, so you can store and retrieve your memories in a single, secure location. 

With the addition of Bamboo to your storage solution, you can be sure that your memories will be stored safely, easily, and reliably. 

As the lead scientist on the project, David Mazzoni, says, “When you have this type of storage that’s inexpensive and can take up no space, it becomes a natural part of your life.” 

The researchers hope to expand their product further and add the ability to hold up to 16,000 plastic memories. 

For more information on this and other topics, visit the Johns Hopkins website. 

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