When plastic meets water: Plastic water tanks for outdoor kitchens

The water tanks that keep you warm on the deck of your canoe in the North Atlantic might be a plastic novelty, but they’re still here for a reason.

You might find a plastic kitchen towel or an oversized bottle of water in your backyard, but there’s a reason why we all use them: They’re the best way to keep us hydrated and keep water in our bodies, especially when it’s cold and you don’t have any other options.

And plastic water tanks are easy to install, especially if you have a garage or a basement that has enough room to accommodate them.

Here are three of our favorite ways to keep water out of your home’s plumbing: 1.

Plastic kitchen towels and reusable water bottles.

This plastic kitchen utensil and water bottle combination is perfect for keeping water out, even in the event of an emergency.

We love how they come in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

We’ve seen people use the same one for two different tasks, like making tea and making ice cream.


Plastic outdoor grills, grills with removable handles.

We’re not a huge fan of the idea of using disposable cookware in the kitchen because it can become a mess.

If you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, however, this plastic outdoor grill can be a great tool to keep your cooking utensils from falling out.


Plastic bathtub rugs and shower curtains.

This shower curtain and shower towel combo makes a great addition to any bathroom with a pool or a shower, but it’s also great for keeping your laundry dry in the middle of the night.

These items are all easy to clean up and store, and you can even get rid of them by using them to dry your bed.