When it comes to plastic surgery, it’s a lot more than just having surgery – it’s the difference between a celebrity and a normal human being

A plastic surgeon is a “real human being” with “real emotions” who “feels like he’s living his life”, according to a new book about the industry.

Key points: Dr. John Deak, who was an assistant professor at the University of Sydney’s School of Medical Psychology, says he treats celebrities to help them feel better about their plastic surgeryThe book, published in November, looks at the challenges of working in a culture where celebrity plastic surgery is seen as a “fad”Dr Deak says celebrity plastic surgeons are often viewed as a niche market, but that the market is growing and people are paying attention.

“I’m seeing a lot of celebrity surgeries being performed and the majority of the time it’s done by people who are not necessarily celebrity surgeons themselves,” he said.

“It’s not about celebrity surgery being the ultimate surgery, but about people seeing a surgeon for what they are, who is they and what are they doing with their body.”

And I think it’s just as important to have a relationship with a surgeon, because it’s about a relationship of care.”‘

Real human being’Dr Deakin said that while it was important for people to be treated with respect, it was also important to recognise the difficulties that came with working in the industry as a whole.”

The beauty of plastic surgery for me is it’s not just about cosmetic surgery.

There are a lot other things that come into it that are very important,” he told the ABC.”

So I think we have to be aware of all the different ways people can experience their surgery, and that’s something that a lot people don’t do, especially in a commercial context.”‘

It’s a matter of making a connection’Dr D’Acquino, who has also worked in the plastic surgery industry, said the culture surrounding celebrity surgery was changing.”

As the industry has become more and more mainstream, a lot are becoming very aware of what it is that they do and what it means,” he explained.”

A lot of people, for example, have seen the transformation in cosmetic surgery that is happening and there’s a sense of recognition, as a surgeon and a person who’s been through the experience, that it’s no longer a cosmetic surgery but a therapeutic, holistic practice.

“Dr Deacak’s book has already sold out, and the first book will be released on November 10.

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