When is it time to buy a plastic roof?

It’s a hot topic on the streets of Sydney, with many people expressing concern that the plastic roofs are making it harder to get on and off the roads.

But a new report from the Sydney Institute for Public Policy, shows that most of those surveyed said they didn’t feel like they were getting the benefit of a roof upgrade.

It found that the majority of people surveyed were not happy with the roofing material they had bought, and most of them said they were buying a roof that wasn’t up to scratch.

Many people were worried about the possibility of damage and said they wanted to avoid plastic roofs in the future.

The Institute’s study found the majority said they had purchased a plastic roofs that were either “inconsistent” or “not up to date”.

It also found most people were concerned about the safety of plastic roofs.

Some of those who had bought a roof were worried they would have to take their children on the roads when they were not using them, and that plastic roofs would be “unacceptable”.

The survey also found many people were buying the plastic materials on the cheap, often for under $20.

This was despite the fact most people said they weren’t getting the value for money.

A recent survey by the NSW government found that most people who purchased a new roof said they would likely upgrade to a new type of roof over time.

Sydney is not the only city to experience a spike in plastic roof complaints.

In Queensland, complaints of plastic roof damage have soared, with some residents blaming the plastic material for an increased incidence of roof collapse.