What’s your plan for plastic surgery?

A plastic surgeon has revealed his top 10 plastic surgery goals for 2017.

“I think that we’ve been doing really well in the past two or three years,” said Dr Michael McElroy, who is based in Melbourne’s CBD.

“It’s not just cosmetic surgery, it’s also for general health.”

He said the biggest areas of concern for the plastic surgeon were the skin and facial features and he also thought it was important to look after the body.

Dr McElry said he had done cosmetic surgery in his own family.

But he said he was concerned about the amount of plastic surgery being done in the public sector.

“[I’ve] noticed that the amount is getting bigger, and there are a lot of people that are doing it for personal use, and not for the health benefits,” he said.

He also said it was not only cosmetic surgery that needed to be done, but also dental work, liposuction and breast augmentation.

The plastic surgeon also spoke about his thoughts on plastic surgery as a person and the amount that could be done to them.

If you have a plastic surgeon, they are going to tell you, ‘Oh, this is for personal health, or this is a way to help you feel better, or just a way of having more control over your body,’ he said, adding that they will not be comfortable with that.

I would not say that I feel like I’m being asked to do anything too crazy, but I would say that there are people that will be very concerned with the way that they look and the way they are treated, Dr McElrry said.

He also shared his thoughts about plastic surgery in the general public.

What are your top plastic surgery priorities?


A hysterectomy to remove the uterus and the cervix 2.

Breast augmentation to replace the nipple and to expand the breast 3.

Cosmetic surgery to remove facial and body hair 4.

Facial reconstruction to add facial features 5.

Cosmetic reconstructive surgery to create fuller features 6.

Plastic surgery to replace missing teeth and fingers 7.

Hair removal to remove hair 8.

Cosmetic skin grafts to add skin to face 9.

Facelift to add muscle and tendons 10.

Cosmetic breast augments to add fuller breasts