Walmart is looking to make plastic surgery a reality

Plastic injection molders are being trialled at major retailers, with an initial trial in Melbourne set to begin later this month.

The plastic injection molder will help to create new models for the new plastic surgery market.

The new molders will be used at the Melbourne CBD.

Injection molding is the process of building moulds of plastic materials, such as plastic, to create moulds for the creation of products.

It can be used to produce plastic products, including skin and nail treatments, skin creams, and other cosmetic products.

Injectors are being used to make some of the most popular skin treatments on the market, such at L’Oreal’s new skin products.

“We’ve been in the process for years and years of experimenting with different kinds of plastic injection molds to make different products,” Associate Professor Andrew Leung said.

“I think this is a good opportunity for us to continue to refine and improve the technology that we have and develop new products for people who have skin problems.”

The new plastic injection moulders will help create new plastic products for the skin care market Associate Professor Anthony Leung says the new molds will help with the skin condition.

“This is a technology that is really getting to be a lot better than it was in the past,” he said.

Plastic injection molders will cost around $100,000, he said, but the cost could fall if the technology becomes cheaper.

The trial at the CBD is part of a wider trial to look at the use of the new moulds in other areas of the industry.

The company is also working with Melbourne’s leading cosmetic specialist, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, to try and produce a more affordable version of the plastic injection system.

It is not yet known when the new injection moulds will be available, but they will likely be available for at least a year, said Associate Professor Leung.