The plastic baby drawers that Walmart is now selling at your local Walmart are dangerous

Plastic baby drawer covers have been a huge selling point for Walmart and many other retailers for decades.

But now, with the popularity of baby products in baby’s hands, the company is bringing back the plastic drawer cover, and with a new twist: It’s not just for toddlers anymore.

The company is adding baby cribs, baby strollers, and baby stroller cases.

These baby drawerer covers will be sold in a range of sizes and colors, including ones that are perfect for toddlers.

The product will be available for $8 to $9.99 on starting February 13.

Walmart’s baby drawerers are sold in “baby strollers,” “baby cribs,” and “baby carrier cases,” but not the “baby drawer” versions.

The baby drawering cover will also come in a variety of colors and sizes.

According to Walmart, “the drawers will be designed to fit both small and large baby, so you’ll be able to keep everything organized with a simple one-handed use.”

Walmart says the drawers are also available in a “baby carry” model that allows you to keep your baby in the crib, stroller, or baby stowage case for easier travel.

The drawers won’t be sold with other items, though, so it will be possible to customize the drawer to your child’s specific needs.

The price of the baby drawer cover will be $8.99, or $4.50 more than a standard baby crib cover.

Walmart has also expanded its baby cart option.

The cart will be able fit a baby up to 36 inches tall, with up to five cart carts, including a mini cart, that can be used to hold toys and baby essentials.

Walmart is also offering the new drawers for $2.99 to $3.99.

The cover will arrive with a 30-day trial, and it will cost $6.99 or $7.99 per cart.

The new baby cart models also come with two different drawers.

A standard drawer has four drawers and a two-part drawer, and a baby cart comes with three drawers each.

Walmart also announced that the baby cart is now available at its retail locations.

The plastic drawercard cover comes in three colors and two sizes, including three different sizes for toddlers and toddlers up to 24 inches tall.

There’s also a mini-cart and a one-piece baby cart that can fit up to two adults.

The Walmart Baby Cart is available at Walmart stores nationwide.

The crib cover is also available online at

Walmart has also announced plans to introduce a new way to store baby products.

The retailer is offering baby bags, which Walmart says will “help baby and toddler parents keep their baby’s toys and other essentials close at hand.”

Walmart’s first baby bags include a large, black bag with three plastic drawermats and a small bag that fits two adults and up to four children.

Walmart says it’s “actively developing” the new bag, but it’s not clear when it will release them.