Plastic window cover costs $10,000 in Sydney’s east-end

A plastic window covering company has charged a whopping $10.5 million for a scheme to spray paint over a local council’s window in a bid to reduce the city’s pollution.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is currently working with the company to determine the best way to cover the window, which was installed in a busy section of the city centre in April.

However, the window is now a “puddle” due to the heavy rain.

“There’s a significant amount of water in the window,” DEP Deputy Commissioner John Whitehead said.

He said the DEP was seeking bids from contractors to install the plastic window covers for the next five years.

If a contractor was unable to secure bids for the project, the DEC would then seek a replacement window for a local councillor to cover until the plastic cover is replaced.

Council members are being told to expect the same treatment in 2018.

Whitehead said there were currently no plans to remove the plastic covering.

While the cost of the window covers has been reported as $10 million, the company is claiming it was worth $30 million to the city.

It is the first time a plastic window has been sprayed over the window in Sydney.

Mr Whitehead confirmed that the council had not been approached to bid for the window.

But, he said it was “a very significant amount”.

“We’ve got a very significant environmental issue to address,” he said.

“This is an issue that we’re not going to ignore.”

Mr McBride said he had contacted the company asking if it would reconsider the purchase and that they were working with local council members to ensure that a suitable replacement window would be installed. ABC/AAP