Plastic surgeon’s salary at $8 million, new salary survey says

A plastic surgeon in a New York City plastic surgeon’s job description has a salary of $8.9 million a year, according to a new salary report.

The report, obtained by CNN, shows a salary increase for plastic surgeons in the state of New York over the past decade.

It also found that the industry has experienced a surge in turnover in recent years as more and more doctors left the industry.

The plastic surgeon at the top of the list is Dr. David Nesbitt, who makes $8,071 per year.

Dr. Nesbeks salary, according the report, includes salary, bonus and stock options, which are paid quarterly.

A doctor’s pay scale is based on years of experience, as opposed to hours worked.

The scale is used to determine how much a doctor is worth based on salary and bonus, which vary based on the number of years of work they have performed.

The highest paid plastic surgeon is Dr, David Neesbeks, at $9.9m, according a new report.

That is a $1.5 million increase over the last 10 years.

The second highest paid is Dr., John Kucera, at about $6.5m.

Both of the plastic surgeons listed in the report are affiliated with a New Jersey medical group.

Dr., David Nuesbeks and Dr. John K. Kucreas pay $5.2 million and $5 million, respectively.

The third highest paid, Dr. Christopher E. Gorman, at almost $4.9million, earns about $2.6 million annually.

The fourth highest paid surgeon is at $2,636,000, which is about $832,000 per year in salary.

The fifth highest paid in the study is Drs.

Andrew P. B. Johnson, at at $1,564,000.

The sixth highest paid physician is Dr,, John H. G. Mott, at the same $1 million per year salary.

Other top-paid plastic surgeons, like Dr. Joseph B. Schubert, at over $1m, also earn $1million annually.

Dr. Neesbitt said he is “a lifelong learner” and has a “huge passion” for medicine.

“I have a huge commitment to being a good doctor,” he said in a statement.

“As an entrepreneur, I have worked with companies and individuals across the country and have always had a deep appreciation for the value of science, medicine and patient care.”

The salary report does not include compensation for training, as a plastic surgeon usually is not compensated for their work, which includes making sure surgeons are trained in the proper use of medical equipment.

It is important to note, however, that the report only covers plastic surgery performed in New York, not plastic surgery in other states, like California, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia.

The American Academy of Surgeons, the body that sets the standards for doctors in the United States, does not have any position on plastic surgeons salaries.

“The compensation of plastic surgeons varies by location and specialty, but there is no specific compensation policy for surgical specialty, which could lead to inaccurate estimates,” the AMA said in its statement.