Plastic surgeon salaries rise, salary stays at $80,000

Plastic surgeon salary has risen by $80k to $90k, according to a new survey from Glassdoor.

The survey found that plastic surgeons earned $90,000 in 2016.

The salary of an M.D. was reported to be $90.4k. 

The survey also revealed that most plastic surgeons were female, with 62% of respondents being female.

Women are more likely to be employed as M.

Ds than other specialties, with 87% of female respondents. 

As the survey was conducted, Dr. Benji Bekoff was named the top plastic surgeon in the U.S. with a $2.2 million salary. 

Dr. Benjie Bekhoff, M.d. at University of California, San Diego is a plastic surgeon who earned $2 million last year. 

He was named one of the top surgeons in the world by Forbes Magazine and one of Time Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful People in the World in 2015. 

According to Glassdoor, plastic surgeons earn an average of $90K in annual salary, with an average salary of $110K.

The top plastic surgeons also earn the highest salaries in the industry, earning a combined $1.2 Million per year.

Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in the United States:1.

Dr. Benjamin Benjiet Bekhof2.


Benimah C. Zell and Joseph R. DeSantis3.

Dr Paul C. Fuhrmann4.

Dr Stephen D. Lee5.

Dr Robert C. Brown6.

Dr James D. Pichal7.

Dr John A. Zimbalist8.

Dr Joseph J. R. Zinn9.

Dr Michael S. Smith10.

Dr Benjamin J. Bektisch