Plastic Beach ‘is not a plastic storage’

Plastic beach, a new type of storage facility that allows residents to store their plastic trash in a compact plastic container, is not a “plastic plastic storage,” a federal judge ruled Monday.

Plastic beach is a type of plastic storage facility where residents can store their trash in an enclosed plastic container and is not plastic plastic plastic storage.

In addition, the company has failed to prove that it would be profitable and provide residents with a viable alternative to the trash-recycling industry, U.S. District Judge George C. Jones III ruled in his ruling.

The plastic beach has been the subject of legal disputes since the company opened its first store in Los Angeles in 2012, but its expansion to seven other cities in 2017 has been plagued by problems with contamination, including one incident in Florida where the facility was shut down by the city’s health department.

The California facility had previously been shut down because of an outbreak of salmonella and salmonellosis.

In May 2018, Los Angeles and three other cities filed a lawsuit against Plastic Beach alleging that it violated state law, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In a separate lawsuit, a California judge ordered the company to cease selling plastic bags, which it has been doing since 2012.

A spokesman for the company declined to comment.