I want to be a plastic ring guy

I want a plastic bag.

I want a little bit of the old me, the one I once loved, the woman I wanted to be, but I’ve become the one who has lost that one.

I don’t like it anymore.

I can’t go back to being me.

I’m a woman, and that’s a big change.

When I was younger, I wanted a boyfriend.

Now I have two, but not all the time.

When I was dating, I would have been open to dating the girl of my dreams.

Now, I’m not.

I want more than that.

I like to be seen as the person I am.

I hate being the person who’s always there for the big picture, but sometimes that’s the only way to go.

I’ve found that a lot of people who like me for who I am and who I really am aren’t happy with who I become.

They want me to be more like a man.

I know.

I love to be like a woman.

I feel like I have to be someone else to fit in with the men in my life.

That’s the reality.

I can’t change who I was, and I can never change who my life will be if I continue to be me.

The plastic ring article I’m looking for a little more of the person that I once was.

I think I’ve just got to take a step back and look at who I want my life to be.

A lot of the time, when you’re a man, you have to try to be as attractive as possible.

I try to keep it as true to myself as I can.

I just want to take it slow.

You want to go for the kiss first.

But you know, if I’m going to have to take that step back, I might as well make sure I don,t disappoint the person.