How to tell if you’ve swallowed plastic water bottles

According to a new study, it’s possible that you’ve been exposed to plastic water bottoms in the past. 

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Milan and the University Hospital of San Francisco, looked at how long it took for a plastic bottle to disintegrate after it was exposed to hot water for 10 minutes.

The team found that the bottle could have broken down within 15 minutes of the first exposure to hot, or hot and dry, water. 

They also found that, if a plastic waterbottle had already broken down, it would take even longer for the bottle to completely disintegrate. 

While the researchers weren’t able to prove this for the water bottle they tested, they were able to test the plastic bottles they were using in a similar manner, and the results showed similar results. 

It is not clear what kind of chemicals are in the water that the researchers were testing, and it is possible that the results may be a result of contamination, but they believe it is safe to assume that the plastic water-bottle contamination has already happened. 

There is currently no evidence that the water bottles in question contain any harmful substances, and we should not be concerned about drinking plastic water at this point in time. 

You can read the full report here.

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