How to save on plastic bags in supermarkets

A new study finds that plastic bags can save shoppers $5.75 per bag per day.

The study was carried out by the University of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and analysed the cost of each plastic bag per week in supermarkets across the country.

It found that the average price of a plastic bag was $1.79, but in some states the average cost was up to $2.50 per bag.

While the study showed the cost savings could be a result of consumers choosing to use reusable plastic bags, the researchers also found that people could also save money on other items as well.

The researchers found that a plastic shopping bag had the lowest cost of all the bags, and the cheapest plastic shopping bags cost less than $1 per bag, which could make it easier for people to spend less on food, alcohol and tobacco.

The report also found consumers spent around $1 billion per year on plastic products, and it is estimated that plastic waste could contribute to the world’s water crisis.

Dr David Sussman, from the University’s School of Health Economics and Policy, said the study was interesting because it looked at the cost for plastic bags.

“It’s very interesting that this is such a low cost, that is the price of plastic, it’s the cheapest.”

So there’s a lot of value to be created out of that.

“But also, if you look at how much waste is produced, that could be quite significant.”

He said there was also a potential for the cost to increase if retailers started charging for bags in some stores.

“I think it’s possible for a number of reasons that the costs will rise and people will be more willing to buy those plastic bags.”