How to make your own plastic mattress cover

Plastic mattress covers are great, but there are a few tricks to help you get a good one.

Here are some tips to get the job done.


The mattress cover should be removable The best way to get rid of the plastic cover is to simply remove it from the mattress.

If you are using a foam mattress cover, simply use a plastic sheet and roll it into a circle around the mattress, to remove the plastic.

The only downside to this method is the weight of the mattress cover when it’s done.


Choose a mattress cover with an inner lining Plastic mattresses don’t come with a thick inner lining, so the material can become very slippery if you don’t wear enough gloves.

You can also get a mattress cover with a foam liner, which has a thin inner lining that can be used to keep the mattress covered in place.


Choose one with a removable cover If you have an inner mattress cover that’s not removable, then you’ll need to choose one that has a removable outer cover.

You’ll want to find one with an outer liner that has enough cushioning to hold the foam mattress covered, but not enough for it to feel like it’s on top of your head.

The outer lining can also be used as a cover if you want to make the outer cover a little more waterproof.


Use a fabric softener to smooth out the mattress material You may be wondering what the best way is to get a mattress covering smooth and smooth, but that’s exactly what we recommend to help keep it looking nice.

To help with this, a fabric thinener such as Kies, Zoya, and other brands can be applied to the inner lining of the cover.

Once this is applied, it softens the material to create a smooth finish.


Use one with adhesive The adhesive can be added to the outer layer of the outer lining to make a smooth and even surface.

Once the outer liner has been applied, you can add some of the adhesive to the interior layer of a cover to help create a slick finish.


Try the cover with the cover on, and watch it for a while After a few tries, you’ll notice the cover is pretty smooth and not slippery, which will make it easier to use for sleeping.


Clean the mattress Cover up after use It’s a good idea to remove a cover after a while to see if any glue has formed.

You don’t want to leave any glue on the surface of the foam, so if you’re trying to remove it, make sure you remove the cover as thoroughly as possible.

It’s not a good practice to remove your cover and then try and reattach it afterwards.


Use your own wash cloth This is a good way to keep your mattress cover clean and fresh.

Just wipe it off with a clean wash cloth, then rub the foam with your fingers to remove any residue.