How to help save the Alaskan polar bear by packing it with cardboard

If you have a polar bear, the easiest way to bring it home is to pack it in a cardboard box.article “It’s a very big thing for me,” said Alaskans Lynne Murchison and Julie Wachter, who have been collecting polar bears since 2009.

“The best way to keep it alive is to make sure it’s in a safe place.”

The polar bear is considered an endangered species in the United States and many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and Australia.

“It is very rare to find polar bears anywhere, except maybe on ice in Antarctica,” Murchisons said.

“I’ve never found one in Alaska, but there are a couple in Russia.

I’ve found them in China and South Africa, too.”

Wachter said that if the polar bear was to die, it would be a great loss.

“I would take it in to the zoo and bring it to the aquarium,” she said.

But how do you do that?

The most popular way to collect polar bears is by bringing them to the local aquarium, where they are housed in a special tank with a plastic box, with a hole in the bottom.

Wachters said they have found boxes that are just as effective.

“They work because the polar bears are very small,” she explained.

“They’re small enough to get through a hole.”

Wichters said the box they found in the Alwaki River was too small for the polar animal to go through.

“There’s no way they would be able to get out,” she noted.

“We took it in and brought it to our home in the back yard.”

Murchison said they are also using cardboard boxes as a way to save polar bears.

“It’s very easy to get polar bears in a box, because there’s a plastic lid,” she added.

“You put it in the fridge and it’s really easy to seal.” contacted the Department of Fish and Wildlife to ask about polar bear boxes, but they did not respond by press time.