How to Get a Plastic Baby Pool with Plastic Flower Pot

In the summer of 2018, I received a request from a friend to create a plastic baby garden for our family.

I was in awe of the idea and immediately saw the potential for creating something wonderful for our garden, but the design had some challenges.

First, I needed to create the plastic baby pot from scratch.

We had a few options available, and I wanted to use one of the smaller pots available, so we looked into several different models.

I ended up using the small pots with my wife as they are much smaller and easier to hold in my hands. 

Then, I realized I would need a large flower pot to use as the center of the garden.

It would also need to be a plastic flower pot, but I wanted something that would be durable enough to stand up to being thrown on the street, so I chose a smaller one. 

In order to create this small flower pot I would first need to create an outline for the flower pot.

I began by tracing the outline onto a sheet of cardboard and then attaching it to the back of a sheet plastic flowerpot.

I then used a nail file to carefully remove the plastic flower from the cardboard backing.

This created a base for the base of the plastic garden, and then I attached the base to the flowerpot by sewing two holes in the plastic backing. 

Finally, I glued the plastic back onto the flower and painted it with my favorite acrylic paint. 

We had so many options for the garden, we decided to go with a flower pot because I could not find one that fit our family perfectly. 

The next step was to paint the plastic base to match the garden so that it was more functional.

I used acrylic paint to paint each piece of the base with a clear base. 

I then painted the flowers with acrylic paint as well. 

This finished up the base and the flower. 

Once the plastic was painted, I then added a layer of glue to seal the two plastic flowers. 

After all of the glue had dried, I took the flower out of the bottle and painted the plastic flowers onto the glass base.

Once all of my pieces were finished, I added a small layer of spray paint to the glass. 

Next, I applied a layer over the plastic to match up the flower with the glass and then sealed it with a layer masking tape. 

Lastly, I painted the flower onto the bottom of the glass so that you can see it when it is placed in your garden. 

As you can tell from the pictures, this is a pretty awesome plastic garden.

I have loved this garden since it was placed in my backyard and I am very happy with the outcome. 

You can find this garden at The Outdoor Store, Woodland Mall, Mall of America, and Barnes & Noble. 

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