How to be plastic surgeon without getting plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom will soon be forced to get a plastic surgeon’s licence to practise after a Government directive to do so was made public.

The Government’s move, which is expected to take effect this year, comes after the Government announced it would ban plastic surgery in the UK.

Plastic surgeons in Britain are being asked to obtain a licence to practice.

The directive comes as a result of an NHS consultation and is seen by some as the first of its kind in the world.

A Plastic Surgery Society of Great Britain spokesman said:”We welcome the Government’s guidance, which will ensure plastic surgeons have the knowledge, skills and experience they need to make an effective contribution to the healthcare system.”

It is essential that we have the right equipment to make the most of our skills and ensure our patients receive the best possible outcomes.

“The Government has also announced that plastic surgery is to be given a boost in 2019 with a new scheme that will allow plastic surgeons to take part in NHS courses in both primary and community medicine.

It is expected that the scheme will cost the NHS between £100 million and £140 million.

A spokesman for the Royal College of Surgeons of Great England said: “This is a welcome move that will support our already high standards of care, including in our emergency medicine and trauma departments, where we have already seen some of the best quality of care available.”

The new scheme will support the development of plastic surgery skills, as well as ensuring that all plastic surgeons are properly credentialed to work with patients.”

Plastic surgery will be made free for the first time in 2019 and all plastic surgeries in the country will be subject to an assessment of the skills needed to perform the operation.

The NHS will also be able to pay plastic surgeons in order to treat their patients, and some NHS hospitals have already been offering plastic surgery free to those who have made an appointment with them.