‘A very special moment’: Plastic folder boyz give a surprise birthday party to an infant

Plastic cup boy, the plastic folder boy, and the plastic box baby. 

They’re all making their very first appearance in a new issue of the New York Post.

On the day of the party, the boy and his friends are left alone by their parents, and when they go to go inside, they find a surprise.

Inside is a baby, wrapped in a plastic bag, stuffed with plastic toys.

The bag is empty, and they are left to wonder what’s inside.

The boy and the friends discover a giant, shiny, plastic plastic folder.

The boy is horrified and immediately goes to search for it. 

The boys surprise turns out to be a little boy named Teddy. 

In a caption, the Post says, “This was so unexpected.

We’re so happy.”

When the boy goes to find his bag, he finds a baby inside, wrapped inside a plastic plastic bag.

The child is also very excited, but when Teddy sees the bag, his excitement quickly dissipates.

But the story ends there.

There is no explanation given for the surprise. 

While the Post doesn’t specify what the mystery is, it seems the boy is trying to protect his new baby.

 The Post is clearly trying to get a scoop on what the boy was doing with the plastic bag the whole time, and if he had ever done anything with it.

A friend of the boy’s says Teddy was in the process of finding a toy he was hoping to get for his little brother. 

It was an impulse buy at a Toys R Us store, and Teddy thought he would get a small toy and then leave it in the store.

But he ended up finding the tiny bag. 

As the boy got home, he decided he had to get rid of it.

The newspaper says, “But the little boy found it.” 

The boy, whose name the Post does not identify, says he’s glad he found the bag and then didn’t have to put it in his car for two weeks. 

And the Post is not the only media outlet to take a look at Teddy.

“A few months later, the paper asked the boy to explain what he was doing inside the bag,” the Post said.

“He said he found it at the store and didn’t think it would end up in the garbage.

That may have been a mistake, but it seems like the bag has a long way to go.”

The Post says it was able to get access to the bag by going to Toys R US and searching for Teddy.

They said they were able to find the child and find the bag.

According to the Post, the baby’s parents said Teddy has never been to the store before, and that they never expected to find a bag that was a baby.